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Dark circles under your eyes, which are frequently accompanied by bags, can make you look older and tired. It can usually be fixed using concealers. Concealer is a must-have item that most people keep in their make-up kits. It enhances the face’s appearance and texture, hiding skin blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. 

While concealers may cover under-eye circles, some people find that no matter how much concealer they use, the look of dark circles and puffiness remains. The shadowing under the eyes can be resolved by under-eye fillers, which smooth out eye hollows and circles in seconds.

Under eye, fillers can make your tired-looking eyes brighter. It is an injectable fluid mainly containing a base of hyaluronic acid, which draws water, allowing the skin to become more hydrated. In contrast to lifestyle factors, eye fillers are most beneficial for individuals with dark under-eye hollows caused by genetics or aging.

What are under-eye fillers, and how do they work?

Having dark circles or eyebags under the eye is standard and a regular thing. Most of the time, when this happens, there is no cause for concern, and no medical attention is required. However, many patients seek to enhance their appearance, and having dark circles under the eyes can make somebody look older than they are. 

Due to fatigue or aging, shadowing under the eye or puffiness can occur. Tissues under the eyes become thinner as we age, making them look hollow or saggy. A decrease in the fat and collagen that keep your skin supple results in the appearance of dark blood vessels beneath your skin, darkening you’re under eyes. Under eye, fillers can address these under eye concerns. 

An under-eye filler (also known as tear trough filler) is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting under your skin to restore the volume and fill the hollowness of the under-eye area to be treated. Before getting an under-eye filler, patients should discontinue taking blood thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and other supplements like Vitamin E and fish oil. A numbing cream or local anesthesia will be applied to the under-eye area, and experienced medical providers will use tiny needles to inject the liquid that leaves almost unnoticeable marks. 

The standard base for the liquid solution is hyaluronic acid which plays an essential role in the structure and function of the skin, as well as in moisture retention. However, it may also come in other ingredients like calcium hydroxylapatite (a potent collagen stimulator in the skin), polyalkylimide, etc. Under-eye fillers are also suitable for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, giving a more youthful look.

What is the best under-eye concealer?

You can find a variety of remedies to treat your eye problems. Home remedies for dark and puffy eyes, such as putting ice over the area, can help reduce the swelling and darkening under the eye. However, it does not last long, and the dark circles may reappear after several days.

Concealers can be used to hide the shadowing or bags under the eyes. It may temporarily remove the unwanted appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and discoloration. However, concealers may crease over time and build up what they should cover. 

Under the eye, filler treatments may take up to 30 minutes, and their effects will show in a few seconds. You can have bright, wrinkle-free under your eyes in just a short time. It is as if you are wearing the best concealer that you never have to worry about washing it off.

How long should I recover and get my next under-eye filler appointment?

Eye filler treatments work fast, and you can immediately see the results after the application. Still, you can wait up to two weeks to see the full results. 

Doctors would expect the patients to watch out for some bruising and swelling after the session. It may take about 1-2 days to subside, and applying cold compresses can help with the swelling. Do not sleep with your face down after the treatment. The recovery time is short, and you can return to your daily activity the next day. Use sunscreen with at least a broad-spectrum SPF30 every day.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, under-eye fillers are not permanent and typically last for 6 to 18 months. Afterward, the patient can come again for another under-eye filler session.

Who can be a good candidate for under-eye filler treatments?

Not everyone has to go and set an appointment to get under-eye fillers, as they cannot repair almost all under eye conditions. For under-eye filler treatments, a patient must consult their dermatologist first to determine if they can have it. 

Under eye fillers are suitable for people with the following conditions:

  • Hollow under eyes and want to add volume 
  • Have good skin quality and thickness for easy injection and maintenance
  • Have moderate saggy under watches or eye bags

On the contrary, you may not be an ideal candidate if you have the following conditions:

  • Thin skin as it is not capable of holding the fillers inside
  • Excessive skin bulging or sagging of the under eye
  • Medical conditions and infections that may impose potential risks upon eye filler application

Is under-eye filler safe?

For most cases, under-eye fillers are safe. As long as certified medical dermatologists or experts perform this procedure, the under-eye filler treatments are not harmful to the patients as they understand human anatomy and will ensure that nothing goes wrong in injecting the fillers into the skin. Make sure that you follow the precautions explained to you before undergoing this treatment. It will lower any risk of getting an infection or unwanted effects of applying under eye fillers.

If you experience unexplainable severe pain around the eye area, consult a doctor to give you immediate proper medication.

Key Takeaways

Under-eye fillers may be the finest choice to cover up the under-eye flaws and dark circles to obtain that naturally youthful appearance. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and who would not want to look at bright and beautiful eyes? 

To receive the best results, make sure to choose the experts in accentuating your natural beauty. Book your next appointment with Luz MediSpa now!

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